Loyalty on Trial

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Loyalty on Trial

Based on a true story, an American-born teenager’s life spins out of control when his German born father faces the relentless and unjust pursuit of the FBI during WWII and is convicted of disloyalty. The entire family is interned at Ellis Island and targeted for deportation


After his family is deported to Germany, a young man fights to survive the perils of WWII and return to America. Experiencing Jewish persecution first-hand, the fire-bombing of Dresden, and the death march from Dachau stand in his way.


After the Communist East Germans accuse his father of being responsible for the Berlin Uprising of 1953 and sentence him to death, a young American lawyer finds himself a target of Senator Joseph McCarthy and the FBI. He then teams up with the CIA in a daring rescue mission of his father, only to return to the U.S. and have to fight to save family again, when the Soviets retaliate by taking his wife and children hostage.

Saturday School

For a troubled black athlete and five other teens, an all-day detention turns from adventure to tragedy affecting their lives and the coach assigned to watch them--forever.

The Art of the Chase

A naive prep school senior chases his dream girl to Maui for Spring Break, only to discover he must compete with the master of the art of seduction for the heart of his first love.

Token White

A white liberal-minded university student sidesteps involvement in Civil Rights issues and his true feelings for a young black woman from his past. Then a volunteer summer program teaching poor black kids in racially charged Mississippi puts him in the thick of the conflict, and forces him to confront his own cowardice.

Run N’ Gun

A black high school basketball phenom goes into hiding to escape the pressure of big-time college recruiting, only to find his life on the line when he runs off with a girl who turns out to be an ex-con.


A dirt poor dancer from a small town struggles against all odds to make it into the elite world of professional dance. Written on assignment, Prima is an upcoming film project for NGN Productions.

Dog Parks and Laundromats

Pushing thirty-five and still single, a second grade teacher is intent on avoiding the pitfalls of marriage, until a mysterious homeless man and five million dollars turn her life upside down.