Loyalty on Trial

Editor's Choice



Nadine Strossen

President, American Civil Liberties Union
Professor of Law, New York Law School

"Loyalty on Trial is a must read for civil libertarians. The author documents the repressive tactics of the FBI during WWII, demonstrating how national crisis and over-zealous government can undermine our rights guaranteed by the Constitution. This book reminds us how - much like today - we need a vigilant citizenry and a responsible judiciary to demand that our leaders reconcile security needs with our commitment to liberty."

Arthur D. Jacobs


"A long overdue and most needed work to address the arrest, internment, denaturalization, and deportation of German Americans during World War II. This work is a first in that it reveals the dilemmas of a naturalized citizen (of German heritage) in the United States during World War II. A case history of yesteryear that clearly depicts a conflict between maintaining security while protecting our commitment to civil liberties. The author has delivered a most intriguing and enlightening story. We are left with the questions? Must a naturalized American citizen be more loyal than an American-born citizen? Are U.S. citizens by naturalization equal to citizens by birth? The author presents the facts succinctly and clearly, and leaves the decision to the reader."

BookLoons Reviews

Reviewed by Theresa Ichino

"Events, painstakingly detailed by the author, reveal how frightenly easy it is to be condemned on nothing but shallow allegations, and how careless words or comments can be made to look damning. Loyalty on Trial is timely. We are wrestling with the mutually opposing needs of security vs. individual rights. How far can we go to protect society before we turn into the enemy?"

Midwest Book Review

"A highly recommended, keenly relevant account especially in relation to modern-day desires to bend the limits of American rights. Loyalty On Trial relies so heavily on primary sources and the transcript of the trial itself that it does not pretend to read like a novel; instead, it offers the straight facts to the reader, leaving him or her to judge Wolter's loyalty and the dubious American policy that almost certainly forced unjust imprisonment and deportation upon thousands of innocent German-Americans."

Editor's Choice Review

"Erik Wolter has written an amazingly accurate and complete account of how J. Edgar Hoover was out to destroy the entire German American Bund, and to do so, he used the denaturalization of its members. Consistently objective, using logical and sound judgement, the author presents an immense amount of research in order to substantiate his opinions. This highly professional manuscript contains many academic and legal documents, plus footnotes, pictures, appendices, illustrations, as well as a glossary of German words."